Committed to safety and protecting our woods, our event strictly adheres to all fire regulations, with the addition of vigilant volunteers on hand to manage the effigy and temple burn responsibly amidst regional forest fires.


Over the years, the Burning Man community developed its own terminology.

Here’s a glossary to help newcomers understand specific phrases. Not all terms are relevant to OsstidBurn, but it always helps to know more about the community.

Some Burning Man terms, defined:


■ BURNER [or OSSTIDBURNER] : Someone who attends the events associated with Burning Man and who pursues a way of life that reflects the ten principles.


■ PLAYA NAME: This is a nickname that identifies someone during events associated with Burning Man. It may be given to them, or be a name the person chooses for themselves.


■ GREETER: The volunteers who welcome you when you arrive at OsstidBurn.


■ MOOP: An acronym for “Matter Out Of Place” — a term that refers to anything that was not there before the participants arrived. Examples: cigarette butts, bottle caps, costume pieces, feathers, sequins, glitter and confetti, pieces of wood, plastic, metal, broken glass…


■ RANGER: A Black Rock City Ranger is a volunteer trained in mediation and conflict resolution who can intervene in case of a dispute or emergency. If you need help, find a Ranger.


■ THEME CAMP: A campsite created around an idea or artistic concept and designed by a group to create an interactive experience with participants.


■ VIRGIN: Anyone considering attending, or who attends Burning Man for the first time.