Below are listed the most frequently asked questions. Please read them thoroughly before contacting us, your answer is probably already there!

Are the doors open 24 hours a day?

No, the doors are opened according to the timetable.

Can I return or transfer my ticket after buying it?

You can get a refund until June 11th. If you decide not to attend the event, log in to the registration platform and click on the “Refund me” button. Your ticket will be reassigned to the person at the top of the wait list.

However, you cannot transfer your ticket.

Do I need to print my ticket?

No, we will have a list of all participants at the gate.

Can I get a one-day pass?

No. There is only one type of ticket, which is for all five days of the event. However, as long as you respect the timetable, you can come and go for as long as you desire!

Can I buy my ticket at the gate?

No. There will be no tickets sold at the door. Plan ahead!

Will Osstidburn sell out? Is there a maximum capacity?

It will sell out just like last year! Get your tickets ahead of time by signing up for the ticket lottery here

Can I bring my kids? Does it cost anything to bring kids?

Yes, it’s free for children 12 and under. For 13-17 year olds, the suggested price is $50.00. However, you must still register the minor. For more information, please read the Minors section on this page. 

I want to get involved, what can I do?

Yes! We need you! The event is entirely run and organized by volunteers — before, during and after. Without volunteers, there would be no event. A link to register to our Volunteering Platform will be sent to all participants purchasing a tickets.

Can I get in for free if I volunteer?

There are no free tickets for volunteers, artists or organizers. Everyone buys their ticket. L’OsstidBurn is a collective experience. Everyone contributes; everyone pays for their ticket.

Does my art grant get me a free ticket?

No. Volunteers, artists and organizers — everyone buys a ticket. Everyone contributes; everyone pays for their ticket.

Is there a space reserved for RVs?

No. RVs are not permitted in the forest because participants must take paths to access the site. There will be a space reserved for RVs in the parking lot. You’re welcome to bring an RV, but it will be impossible for you to sleep with your camp.

Can I camp beside my car?

No. Your car must stay in the parking lot. We need to secure the site.

Can I bring my pet?

No. Leave your hamster at home.

Will there be trashcans? How do I dispose of my garbage?

There are no trash or recycling services on the site. We follow the principle of Leave no Trace. Everything you bring must leave with you — including your garbage. Make sure you dispose of your recycling and garbage responsibly after the event.

Can I bring alcohol?

Yes. But bring cans instead of glass bottles.

Can I buy anything on-site?

No. There is no money on the site nor commercial activities such food trucks. You need to bring everything you think you will need to survive L’OsstidBurn!

Is there an access to potable water?

No. You have to bring your water — to drink, wash dishes, brush your teeth, etc. We advise you to bring a minimum of 5L per person per day. Be sure to use environmentally safe soap and products.

When does the Effigy burn?

The effigy burns on Saturday at dusk. The Temple burns on Sunday!

How do I register my theme camp?

All theme camps must be registered here.

Is it mandatory to camp with a theme camp?

No. You can camp alone or with a group of friends. There are many ways to get involved without creating a theme camp. Contact our Theme Camps on our Facebook Group

Can I register my cas as an 'art car'?

No. Vehicles will not be authorized to park or drive on the site during the event.

Will there be showers and toilets?

There will be chemical toilets available to all participants. But there are no showers on site. Bring baby wipes. If you want to take a shower, bring it with you (including the water).

Can we light a fire at our camp?

We do not allow any campfires except those authorized by the organization in common areas.

Can I bring my sound system?

Of course! Amplified sound is core to participation. But you have to register your sound system via the placement form.