Principle Zero

L’OsstidBurn is a free and open-minded environment. We want to create a safe-enough space for all. As with the other principles, the well-being and safety of everyone is guaranteed through a collective intention to respect and apply the principle of Consent before interactions.

Principles of Consent

What is it?

Consent applies to all types of interactions with two or more people (hugging, talking, touching, dancing, sex, sitting near someone…)


  • Any interaction (physical or otherwise) requires the EXPLICIT consent of all persons involved in the exchange.
  • Consent should always be CLEAR, VERBAL, PRELIMINARY and RENEWABLE.
  • Consent can be withdrawn at any time: any interaction can be stopped at any time by those involved, without justification.


  • Each person strives to find conditions in an interaction that produce an authentic & enthusiastic YES, before and during the interaction.
  • If you are not 100% sure you want an interaction, it may be better to stay in a NO.
  • NO is a complete answer and does not require any justification or explanation. When everyone wishes it, it is certainly possible to negotiate to find an ENTHUSIASTIC YES.

What it is Not

Nudity, clothing, costume or behaviour DO NOT CONSTITUE an invitation to any interaction.

Informed Consent

Consent must be FREE and CONSCIOUS. A person who is asleep or under duress is not consenting. Taking substances (alcohol, drugs, cannabis…) or even sexual energy and physical intimacy can also alter consciousness. So you need to be all the more vigilant if you use a psychoactive substance or interact with a person or persons in an altered state of consciousness.

All involved clearly understand what they are committing to by accepting the interaction. Consent must be informed.

Collective Responsability

Like the other principles, consent is everyone’s responsibility. The L’OsstidBurn community is committed to embodying these principles in a caring way, and to ensuring that they are upheld, as an actor and as a witness. Each individual is responsible for validating and verifying the consent of their partners, for clearly naming their YES and NO,  and for respecting expressed limits at all times.

Adherence to these principles guarantees a safe space for everyone to name and to assert their NO.

What to do...

...if you witness or experience a violation of consent

  • If a participant seems to make people uncomfortable or exceeds explicitly agreed limits, feel free to express it openly.
  • If you do not feel comfortable acting, approach the Rangers.
  • If you feel at risk yourself, leave the situation immediately, and go find the Rangers.
  • Please inform Rangers of any inappropriate behaviour.
  • The Organization reserves the right to expel any person whose behaviour is inappropriate.
  • After the event, if you’d like to inform us of any breach of consent, you can do so by sending us an email.

To contact the consent committee

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