Committed to safety and protecting our woods, our event strictly adheres to all fire regulations, with the addition of vigilant volunteers on hand to manage the effigy and temple burn responsibly amidst regional forest fires.


L’OsstidBurn has at the core of its mission to promote art projects and participatory involvement. Inspired by the principles of Burning Man, we invite all participants to express their creativity in a free and drastic way.

L’OsstidBurn has been recognized by Burning Man as an official regional event since its creation in 2016.


This year, L’OsstidBurn will be held on June 22-26th, 2023.


The event will take place in the Eastern Townships (~ 1.5 hours drive from Montreal)


Here, there is no main stage or paid staff. The event organizing team, theme camp organizers, artists, Rangers and LNT (Leave No Trace) team are all volunteers and members of the community. Everyone who comes to L’OsstidBurn is expected to help out beyond their own camp and their art project. You can choose to volunteer before, during and/or after the event … or throughout the year!

Here, we are all responsible for what this event is going to be! We do not know what will happen at L’OsstidBurn — that’s the beauty of the event and the community that creates it.

Here, we respect the Burning Man’s 10 principles.

Here, we co-create a gift economy. There is no money exchanged on site during the event.

Here, we seek to inspire you and awaken your senses and your imagination! Whether it’s through art installations, performances, sculptures, theme camps, costumes or interactive art, we strongly encourage free expression and creativity — whatever that means to you.

Here, everyone contributes, and everyone buys their ticket — even the people who have volunteered throughout the year to make OsstidBurn happen.

Here,  everything you brought must leave along with you, including your waste. Everyone is responsible for their own waste. We must leave the place as we found it.