participation (CAMPS)

what is a theme camp?

A theme camp is a communautary camp that gathers together a few campers around a shared and specific branding, which has already been decided prior to the event.

By offering a communal space that is open-access to other participants, theme camps participate in creating a peculiar atmosphere through the use of scenery, decoration, and by hosting activities. Theme camps are usually spread around the site and become nucleation centers for interactions between Burners. Purely speaking of radical autonomy, they also provide an excellent and elegant way to share ressources.

Before everything else, a theme camp must be participatory and inclusive to the whole community.

A theme camp should also..

  • Be visually stimulating, interesting and captivating.
  • Offer some level of interactivity.
  • Gift something, which can take the form of activities, events and/or any service to the community.
  • Be entirely autonomous.
  • Be open to everyone (either at all times or on timeslots.)
  • Respect – as anyone should at an individual level – the Leave No Trace principle (LNT).
  • Be secure.

how to apply for a theme camp?

Registration of your theme camp can be done with the form linked below.

go to the participation form (CAMPS)

april 12th, 2024

23:59 PM

Deadline for theme camp applications


This year, we are making your life easier! All applications including grants, placement and DGS are regrouped into one (and only one) form. As such, your theme camp application must be completed before April 12th, 2024 and contain all of the required information to allow us to find you a spot on-site. After that deadline, there will be no further way to change your input.

any question? contact us!