participation (ART)

All art projects brought to L’Osstidburn must fill out the pARTicipation form, allowing the Organisation comittee to index then and attribute then the best spots possible on-site. This form also allow you to apply for an art grant, as long as the application is submitted before the deadline and also follow along all inclusion criteria to be eligible for funding (see Rules.).

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Art grants

general rules

Grants are there to help you overcome the material issues that could prevent your project from seeing the light. We are a Burner event and we follow the 10 principles of Burning Man, which means that we are all volunteers. Artists, Organizers, Camp Leaders ; every form of invested time is a gift to the community.

Let’s not forget that is only the sum of all of our personnal involvement that allows this event to come to life.

  • Only one application per person / type of grant will be considered.
  • Everyone can apply for a grant, including members of committees and from the organization.
  • Applications which are either not fully complete or sent after the due date will not be considered.

april 12th, 2024

23:59 PM

Deadline to apply for a grant

available art grants

  • Art installation
  • adopt-a-road
  • This grant aims to encourage and support the creation of works of art. The project must be part of a co-participatory and collaborative vision. It must seek to provoke human interaction, whether to activate or complement the work, to spur action or simply to get people thinking about the principles of Burning Man. The work may take the form of a structure, an object or a performance, and may or may not be integrated into a thematic camp.

    Max. amount granted: $500/project.

  • The basis of this special type of art grant is to promote the lighting of the trails, which is of prime importance when it comes to ensuring our saftey at all times during the event. We want to encourage smaller art projects that can be set up on the borders of the main paths as well as the paths that grant access to the camp. Two mottos: lluminate and decorate!

    Max. amount granted: $150/project

what can we financially support?

eligible expenses

  • Building materials (wood, hardware, paint, metal, fabric)
  • Electronic components (LED strips, control panels, Arduino, relays, switches, batteries)
  • Fuel for a generator or for a project that involves the use of fire
  • Transportation (gaz, rental vehicles, etc.)

partially eligible expenses

  • Rental of specific elements that are mandatory for the project to function properly (ex: sound system, electronic devices, etc.)
  • Costumes that have been made for the project
  • Consumables (ex: food intended to be shared with the community)

not eligible for funding

  • Manufactured goods (ex: DJ gear, generator, tablets, sound systems), equipment, tools, solar panels.
  • Softwares
  • Personnal goods: tent, tickets, food/alcohol, camping supplies, domes, tempo shelters, canopys
  • Workforce: you won’t be compensated for the hours you invest in making your project

selection criteria

uniqueness & novelty

This has clearly never been done before.


Connect with the audience by putting them in the performer’s shoes!

invested time and effort

We all give our best and with all our hearts!


After all, we need to stay a bit down to earth.

respect of the 10 principles

See dedicated section for all the details.

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