Code of Behaviour

Each participant is responsible for their behavior and condition. We strongly suggest behaving in a way that does not make other participants feel endangered or threatened. Everyone must be aware of their well-being, their own needs and their limits.

Participants may report any incident to the Rangers whereby another participant’s behavior is abusive, intimidating, threatening or dangerous. The organization reserves the right to remove a person from the site if their behavior is inappropriate and likely to disrupt other participants.

If you see someone who seems excessively intoxicated, ask them if they need help. If you observe that the person cannot answer, ask the Rangers for help. Remember, L’OsstidBurn is a community — let’s keep an eye on each other!


During the event, you are allowed to enter and leave the site only if there is an emergency. If you need to leave the event early, you will not be readmitted. Plan your shopping so you have everything you need.

In the event of an emergency, you can keep your bracelet and will be readmitted to the event site.

Sound Policy

Refer to the policy written by Son-Coeur (SoundCore). We aim to establish a good relationship with the city and the neighbors, so be cooperative if the organization asks you to lower the volume (and especially do not turn it up again!!!) After two warnings, you will have to cut the sound for the rest of the event.


No campfires will be accepted except those authorized by the organization. All fires must be contained in a burn barrel.

No pyrotechnics or fireworks will be allowed.


L’OsstidBurn is in the forest. No source of electricity will be available. If you need an energy source for your art or camp, you must bring it.

If you bring a generator:

  • Insulate it using non-flammable materials that muffle the sound
  • Do not operate your generator late at night or early in the morning
  • Make sure your electrical cables are placed so that no one can trip over them
  • Turn it off if no one is in your camp
  • Place your generator as far as possible from the other camps


Photos taken at OsstidBurn cannot be used for commercial purposes.

Photographing and filming participants or their art without their consent is prohibited.

You must always ask permission before taking a photo of an individual or an art installation. You must also have the consent of the people in the photo to post it on any social network.

If you are organizing a theme camp and you do not want the participants to take pictures of your activities, do not forget to clearly display a “No Photography” or “No photos” sign. You can also use a pictogram (a camera in a red circle with a bar across it).


GIFTING is one of the criteria that differentiates a festival from a Burning Man event. Most festivals have food kiosks, clothing for sale, or even expensive bars. Here, money does not exist. Everyone who comes must be autonomous and bring their own food and everything else they want or need for their OsstidBurn experience. GIFTING and sharing are essential to the community.

It’s easy to confuse GIFTING and TRADING. Gifting means giving out of generosity, without expecting anything in return. A GIFT is not necessarily material. It can be a helping hand, a hug, a massage (if there is consent), participation in the “Leave no Trace” session, or something else. You can also offer gifts that you made or share food. The important thing is to have an intention to offer something without expecting anything in return.


L’OsstidBurn disallows any form of trade, advertising, sponsorship or commercial activity. Corporate advertising and the sale of products or services is not permitted.


If you arrive with a recreational vehicle, caravan or truck, you will have to stay on the Plana — you will not be allowed to sleep at your camp in the forest. We strongly encourage you to bring a tent instead if you want to camp with the camps in the trails.

Applicable Laws

L’OsstidBurn is subject to all municipal bylaws, as well as any provincial and federal law imposed on the territory on which the event takes place.

Alcohol: Serving alcohol to minors is a violation of the law. It is illegal to give alcoholic beverages in a public place to anyone under 18. When you offer alcohol, you are responsible for ensuring that the person is of age. Participants under 18 years old will have an identifiable bracelet.

Drugs: It is against the law to use, sell or possess illegal drugs.

Do not drink if you drive: Driving under the influence is a crime.