Committed to safety and protecting our woods, our event strictly adheres to all fire regulations, with the addition of vigilant volunteers on hand to manage the effigy and temple burn responsibly amidst regional forest fires.


L’OsstidBurn’s mission is to promote art and participative engagement. Inspired by the 10 principles of Burning Man, OsstidBurn invites each participant to freely and radically express their creativity.

The eclectic L’OsstidBurn community is made up of people from all walks of life: artists, scientists, engineers, shamans, plumbers, philosophers, accountants, etc. All converge to co-create a temporary self-expression zone. Participants paint, weld, sculpt, burn things, write code, cook with a lot of oil and sometimes practice biodanza… In short, they create remarkable interactive experiences.

Who are we?


  • Val

    Coordination Générale
    Support communications, Lead billeterie (mise en place)
  • Arno

    Coordination Générale
    Support logistiques, Assistance DPW
  • Happy

    Coordination Finances
    Co-Coordination logistiques
  • Baptiste

    Coordination Communications
    Lead médias sociaux
  • Fannie

    Coordination Participation
  • Erik J

    Coordination Logistiques
    Lead assurances, Assistance DPW
  • Antonia

    Coordination Sécurité
    Lead accessibilité, Co-lead consentement
  • Peter C

    Coordination LNT
    Co-lead carboneutre
  • Roxanne

    Coordination Consentement
    Lead plateforme volontaires, Lead sanctuaire, Assistance carboneutre, Assistance accessibilité


  • Capucine

    Co-Coordination Communications
    Lead Site Web
  • Béranger

    Co-Coordination Participation
  • Juliette

    Co-Coordination Participation
  • Dominique M

    Co-Coordination Sécurité
  • Geneviève

    Co-Coordination LNT
    Lead carboneutre
  • Iris

    Co-Coordination Consentment
  • Marie-Jade

    Lead Billetterie (Opération)
    Assistance plateforme volontaires
  • Caroline (Gigi)

    Lead Budget & Comptabilité
  • Joe Mecano

    Lead Gestion Transactionelle
    Co-lead DPW
  • Nicolas

    Lead Graphisme
  • Pamphile

    Lead Éducation / Virgin BBQ
    Lead work weekends #2, Co-lead placement, Co-lead accessibilité
  • Asha

    Lead Traduction
    Co-lead conclave, Assistance temple
  • Renato

    Lead Guide de Survie
    Co-lead conclave, Assistance temple
  • Cole

    Lead Census
  • Jade

    Lead Bourses d'Arts
    Assistance premiers soins (ESD)
  • Emilie

    Lead Theme Camps
  • Nick Z

    Lead Transport (Art Trailer)
  • Michelle

    Lead Conclave
  • JF

    Lead Effigie?
  • Shanie

    Lead Temple
  • Outmane

    Lead Placement
  • Jonathan

    Lead Work Weekend #1
    Co-lead work weekend #2
  • Cleo

    Lead Signalisation
    Lead parking, Assistance sanctuaire
  • Terri (Fabrice)

    Lead Équipments & Infrastructures
  • Kate

    Lead Shirts
    Co-lead merch, Assistance temple
  • Lucky

    Lead Radios
  • Camille

    Lead SonCoeur
  • Vi Bo

    Lead DPW
  • Sasha

    Lead Admission (GPE)
    Lead gayte
  • Matthew

    Lead Rangers
    Co-lead exodus (GTFO)
  • Yahya

    Lead Premiers Soins (ESD)
  • Geoffroy

    Lead FAST
  • Meddy

    Co-lead Billeterie (Mise en Place)
    Co-lead site web, Assistance radios, Co-lead rangers, Assistance FAST, Assistance consentement
  • Don Mescal

    Co-lead Éducation / Virgin BBQ
  • Gaël

    Co-lead Traduction
  • Alex Gravel

    Co-lead Census
  • Tica

    Co-lead Bourses d'Arts
  • Celestin

    Co-lead Theme Camps
  • Mike

    Co-lead Temple
  • Pierpaul

    Co-lead Work Weekend #1
    Co-lead signalisation, Assistance assurances, Assistance éducation / virgin BBQ
  • Milan

    Co-lead Équipements & Infrastructures
    Co-lead parking
  • Danielle

    Co-Lead Shirts
  • Miyagi

    Co-Lead Radios
    Co-lead SonCoeur
  • Jess Ma

    Co-Lead Gayte
  • Nancy

    Co-Lead Premiers Soins (ESD)
  • Larry

    Co-Lead FAST
  • Florence

    Co-Lead Sanctuaire
    Assistance carboneutre
  • Jesse

    Assistance Billeterie (Mise en Place)
  • Dawson

    Assistance Site Web
    Assistance LNT
  • Eva

    Assistance Médias Sociaux
    Assistance Traduction,
  • Abhisek (AB)

    Assistance Effigie
    Assistance placement
  • Claude

    Assistance Temple
  • Jody

    Assistance Temple
  • Brigitte

    Assistance Temple
  • Karine

    Assistance Temple
  • Raisa

    Assistance Temple
  • Edward K.

    Assistance Placement
    Assistance carboneutre
  • Nick S.

    Assistance Équipements & Infrastructures
  • Domenic C.

    Assistance Gayte
  • Browniee

    Assistance Parking
  • Elizabeth

    Assistance Exodus (GTFO)
    Assistance rangers
  • Erhel

    Assistance Consentement