Committed to safety and protecting our woods, our event strictly adheres to all fire regulations, with the addition of vigilant volunteers on hand to manage the effigy and temple burn responsibly amidst regional forest fires.

Project grants

  • Theme camp
  • Art
  • Adopt-a-road
  • L’OsstidBurn recognizes the central role played by the camps in the stimulation and perpetuation of Burner culture and in the success of the event. The primary purpose of this bursary is to encourage and support new theme camp projects. It is intended to support the general material needs for the realisation of a common project.

    Max. amount granted: $250/camp

  • This grant aims to encourage and support the creation of works of art. The project must be part of a co-participatory and collaborative vision. It must seek to provoke human interaction, whether to activate or complement the work, to spur action or simply to get people thinking about the principles of Burning Man. The work may take the form of a structure, an object or a performance, and may or may not be integrated into a thematic camp.

    Max. amount granted: $500/project.

  • The basis of this grant added in 2019 is to promote the lighting of the trails, which is still a very important issue for the safety of the event. It aims to encourage small artistic projects that will be installed on the edges of the paths – main and access roads to the camps – to illuminate and decorate the site in an original way.

    Max. amount granted: $150/project


You can apply for a Project Grant via the form (see external link button).

  • Only one application per type of award, per person and per project will be considered.
  • Members of the committees and the organization are eligible to apply for a grant.
  • All projects brought to L’OsstidBurn must complete the DGS & Placement form (Art, Camp, Adopt-A-Road)
  • Applications which are either not fully complete or sent after the due date will not be considered.

APRIL 30th, 202323:59 PM

Deadline to apply for a grant
Grant application form


The grant is there to help you overcome the material constraints that would prevent the project from being carried out to the level of your vision. According to the principles of the event, we are all volunteers, whether we are artists, organizers or leaders of a camp, every form of invested time is in a way a gift to the community. By the way, let’s not forget to underline that it is thanks to the personal and community investment of each and everyone that the event comes to life! THANK YOU!

Eligible for funding

  • Building materials (wood, hardware, paint, metal, etc.)
  • Electronic components (LED strips, control panels, etc.)
  • Fuel for a generator or for your fire project
  • Transportation costs

Partially eligible

  • Rental of certain elements specific and necessary for the project (sound system, electronics, etc.)
  • Costumes made for the project
  • Consumable elements (e.g. food for sharing with the community)

not eligible for funding

  • Infrastructure for your camp (tent, shelter, chairs, storage…)
  • Food and alcohol
  • Time invested as an artist


Uniqueness & Novelty

This has clearly never been done before.


Connect with the audience by putting them in the performer’s shoes!

Time & Effort

We all give our best and with all our hearts!


After all, we need to stay a bit down to earth.

Respect of the 10 Principles

See dedicated section for all the details.

Questions? Contact us! [email protected]